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At AuraTonic, we believe in growing your search engine results can lead to valuable new visits to your website. The more relevant keywords you use in the most natural way for your website, the more it will show up in search results.

Many of the SEO companies got it completely wrong! They’re focused on results, not sales. Rankings and traffic are awesome, but if the visits don't translate to real dollars, that doesn't matter. Everything we care about is how much money and benefit we can bring to your company.
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Best SEO Strategy

Based on our evaluation, we carefully formulate a strategy that reveals the vulnerabilities of the rivals and executes a proposal, first – to close the distance and then to win the market. It includes a range of strategies – from securing their backlink portfolio to identifying their most valuable main phrases. AuraTonic is going the extra mile every time because that is where 95 percent of the other SEO companies have it all wrong.

Our Approach

We analyze the layout of your website, the number of pages, the indexing activity and the connection portfolio and perform a detailed review of the business environment that forms the online industry. We don't leave a stone unturned, digging-deep to figure out just what the opponents are up to. We then compare the site & profile and performance against the market.

The Communication & Follow-up

We don't spend much time setting the gears in motion and applying our revolutionary SEO approach. We've invested in the man-hours we need to get you amazing results. Our insightful web updates provide you 24/7 exposure to the success of your campaign.

Expert and Experienced Staff

Our team can provide you a bulletproof website against the ticking time bomb of non-stop search alerts. We're not depending on any special strategies to place your website at the top of Google. Instead, our approach is to use a wide range of tactics to maintain a foothold on the rankings and performance.

experts in field

Best SEO Results

At AuraTonic, we work hard to stay ahead of the curve using honest practices, which provide your website with traffic, resulting in conversions and strong ROI.

We Offer:

➼ Keyword Analysis
➼ Keyword Assignment
➼ On-Site SEO Code Optimization
➼ On-Site Content SEO
➼ On-Site Internal Link Optimization
➼ Advanced Search Engine Optimization and External Linking


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