Our work


The teacher’s task is not to talk, but to prepare and arrange a series of motives for cultural activity in a special environment made for the child.

Branding Solutions

Creating a healthy academic, Islamic environment for our children to learn, grow, feel happy and build self-confidence is our overall endeavor at the United Hearts Islamic Academy. A place that they will love, enjoy being a part of and want to take responsibility for. To teach our children to know and love Allah, follow his dean and take Prophet Muhammed as a role model. To give students effective practical lessons that will teach them to love education, to empower them to be lifelong learners to achieve their personal best and build their emotional, social and physical wellbeing. To inspire our children to be ambitious, responsible and strong young adults who are not ashamed to be Muslim, who think for themselves and have the knowledge and courage to speak up for what’s right. By working together with parents and the community, we will provide a safe haven where everyone is respected and has a voice.Where staff members team up with students and parents to fully commit to preparing students for college and career readiness aiming for their future success.