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Let’s Create Something Cool!

We believe it sometimes can be scary to make such dissension yourself!

Partnering up with the right influencers is the secret to every positive marketing strategy for your brand. Influencers who are relevant, truthful, engaging, and well-matched to your brand beliefs and reputation would make a major contribution to your campaigns.

At AuraTonic, we are running interactive online marketing campaigns; we run photo contests, video contests, trivia contests, essay submission contests, and creative link building campaigns for small to medium-size companies.

Creative Promotional Strategies


Our Team’s approach is always depending on your goal, we design and integrate effective methods where influencers create and exchange products, converting resources from their committed, opt-in customers to our clients.


The niche which you are trying to reach or talk to through your influencer, you have to make sure you are talking to the right audience which matches your product/service. We make sure the influencer picked matches you line up of audience or as close as could be.


AuraTonic can provide you with overall guidance for your campaigns. This includes rules and regulations drafting, idea feasibility, the ability to measure success, and the know-how to utilize the information gained in your campaign for a post-marketing strategy.


Best Influencer Marketing

Along with our abilities to build you the technical structure needed to run your contest, we also help in the engagement rate, the relevance, authenticity & the influencer’s values, which channel are they using to communicate their message (Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TicTok, etc.). Overall, we help in choose which channel you will use to get to the audience needed for your business.

experts in field

Our Partners

We have a big base of influencers from different demographics, and niches. In addition to collaborating with others with broader follow-ups, we have built a methodology to enable influencers with limited but enthusiastic mass follow-ups. They regularly handle hundreds of influencers for our companies at the same time. Last & most importantly, the content in which influencers approach their followers is related to a broader background that is not apparent in mainstream advertising initiatives. We remain dedicated to determining the importance of such premium experiences compared to the majority of the media spectrum.


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