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About Us


As marketing experts, we help your business drive demand, build strong brands...


From consulting and creative campaigns to content, creatives, media and insights...


Communicate marketing messages at speed and scale to acquire and retain...


We help small to medium-size brands to grow and manage their online business...


We provide you with exclusive technologies and a wide network of influencers...


Get more qualified traffic on the search terms that matter most to your business...


Help your website stand out and represent you well; help your organization to grow...

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We Work to Keep You Ahead of the Game

Here’s How We Make it Happen!

We approach each new project with clear eyes, full hearts, and an allergy to taking the easy way out. We’ll treat your brand like what it is: a fascinating, collection of real people trying to do great work. We don’t do assumptions. We give the best solutions to help it grow and move forward. We do believe that the finest solutions aren’t born; they’re made!

Our Vision

At the heart of our company is an ambitious vision of what we want to create. A leading branding and digital transformation firm for mission-driven organizations all over the world.





AuraTonic is launched in Ottawa, Canada in 2020 with a team of creative marketers. With our non-rostered approach to digital marketing, we take a different route to quality and craft! Our talented team and our ever-expanding dreams allow us to be solutions-oriented whilst still retaining focus on the end product. At AuraTonic, we do believe that the tiniest details can make the biggest difference! Whether you’re looking for a web designing, creatives, SEO services, or a whole marketing strategy, we focus on the very small details because that’s often where your Aura is.
Creativity, Innovation, and Craft

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Define Your Aura & Let it Grow

Whether you are looking for an agency that’s as passionate about growing your company as you are? Or looking for a partnership that can help in reaching the results you’ve been dreaming of, AuraToinc has it all!

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